This is the story of Korey
Korey is truly our miracle story. CRD received a call from one of our partner rescues about a young Golden that was severely beaten.  Our partner rescuer was almost in tears describing this young Golden    Korey was hours away from Shanghai which was very expensive and difficult to actually get him.  The hard work now began on the China side as well as the US side. CRD immediatley began fundraising.  CRD partnered with Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest to provide a home for Korey once he got to the US.    CRD also partnered with Dr. Theresa Cavallaro and Pat DeSario at Bay Street Animal Hospital Staten Island NY who without question said yes we will provide all Korey’s care at no expense to the rescue.  Then a phone call came – from Donna who then became Korey’s financial sponsor providing his airway tickets both International and domestic flights as well as his wheelchair.
In Jill’s words..

“My gift to Korey was silently in my prayers I told him if he survives that I would personally be his Flight Volunteer. I was honored to have that privilege to bring Korey home on December 14 and place him in the loving care of Dr. Theresa Cavallaro and Pat DeSario. Korey’s had over 3000 likes, prayers, comments and silent blessings. I believe this was our Christmas miracle and he had the will to live and experience true love and kindness. Korey’s story helped restore faith between worlds apart…”

After arriving under the care of Dr. Cavallaro and her staff – Korey took his first walk with his new “wheels” less than 24 hours later.  Korey underwent numerous procedures and laser treatments to help heal his wounds.
He became somewhat of a “Star” at Bay Street Animal Hospital.  He had his own visitor log!
As Dr. Cavallaro says

” He has the fight of a lion in him and he just wants to be a dog”

Korey is now living with his foster in MN where is living the Golden Life.  Not only was he a “Star” in New York he made his very own TV appearance in MN
Korey Making his TV Appearance
You can continue to follow his story at Korey