China Rescue Dogs and our partner rescues in China and the USA are desperately  trying to help all the dogs that are being abandoned for fear of the human coronavirus.   Our partner rescues are working 24 hours a day due to the sheer number of dogs being abandoned.  CRD and our partners in the US and China have suspended flights until at least May 1, 2020

This was a hard decision for CRD and our partner rescues due to the overwhelming need currently to rescue and save all these poor animals due to the misunderstanding of this virus. However, our rescue as well as our rescues partners feels strongly that we should follow the CDC’s recommendations and patiently wait until it’s safe to fly to China as well as our partners fly from China.  We currently have over 150 dogs awaiting their Freedom Flight. 

Our commitment during this crisis is to provide support through funding as well as export supplies to China to our partners ensuring pups will be able to receive care, food and supplies that are needed.  Please consider a donation or sponsorship to help purchase supplies and continued care until Freedom Flights resume.

The new corona virus was caused by ‘spillover’ via live and dead animals cramped together with illegal wildlife in wet markets. Employees at the wet market were the first ones to contract the new strain of coronavirus. The virus is spread through contact with infected humans, not through regular contact with pets.

The human coronavirus epidemic is causing widespread concern among many pet owners across China. An unprecedented number of domestic pet dogs and other pets are being abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves. Abandoned pets cannot fend for themselves! This is causing greater problems for animal rescuers who are already under great stress. Do not abandon your pets! There are many types of corona virus. Feline corona virus only affects cats, and cannot be spread to dogs or people. Canine corona virus only affects dogs, and cannot be spread to cats or people. We vaccinate our pets to protect against species specific viruses; dangerous to our pets but not to us.
According to reports: “Scientists have said “unnatural situations” where live and dead animals are brought together in cramped, unhygienic conditions in proximity to people, create opportunities for viruses to move between animals and mutate to the point they are able to infect humans.
Poorly regulated, live animal markets mixed with illegal wildlife trade offer a unique opportunity for viruses to spill over from wildlife hosts. The market in Wuhan where the virus was first detected, fit that description with vendors illegally trading in wild and exotic animals alongside the daily ocean catch of fish.
Wet markets place people, and live and dead animals in close contact, making it easy for a virus to jump species. Spillovers happen in markets where live and dead animals are sold for food.
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