Adoption Process


All of our dogs are currently located in China -
they will be coming into the U.S. when adopted,
on a scheduled flight.

Please view our current listing available to dogs for adoption. Once you find a dog you’re interested in adopting, submit the Adoption Application. A member of our team will review your application and contact you directly to set up a time to discuss, in order to determine fit, as well as the next steps. If approved, we’ll provide you with our China Rescue Dogs Adoption Agreement, which will be reviewed, approved/signed by us and forwarded back for your records.

Please note:
We currently consider adopters in the United States, only.

Things To


The fact that you're thinking about adopting one of our incredible survivors means you're a responsible and caring person. Before you embark on this journey, take some time to consider the following questions: decision to bring a furry friend into your life, take a moment to think over these questions:


  • Do you have time for a dog? Adopting a dog from us requires love, time and dedication for them to settle into their new homes. Please ensure you have the means and time commitment needed for your nw family member to become comfortable and adjusted to their new home.
  • Can you afford a dog? Please ensure you’re financially able to provide for the dog’s veterinary care, health and day-to-day needs, such as food and toys, grooming and those needed should the dog become ill or require hospitalization/surgery.
  • Are dogs allowed where you live? Many rental communities, such as apartments don't allow pets, or if they do, require a monthly pet deposit to be attached to their lease. Make sure you know what they are prior to submitting an Adoption Application.

All of our adopters must agree to provide all necessary veterinary care, including vaccinations, to include a yearly preventative for heartworm, fleas and ticks, as well as any other necessary treatments to ensure the dog’s health, as advised by their veterinarian.
Additionally, the adopter must agree to never relinquish ownership of the dog without the consent of China Rescue Dogs (CRD). If the adopter relinquishes custody, the dog must immediately be returned to CRD.


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Review our list of dogs who are available for adoption.





Read the informational sheet on the next page regarding CRD and acknowledge review by clicking the boxes.

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Submit your application for the dog you are interested in adopting.

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Thank you for your submission. China Rescue Dogs will be in contact with you.

 Rescue a dog For Life

We never say no to any dog – mixed breeds, banned breeds, disabled dogs and seniors. We try to rescue them all. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the public’s continued support. Please consider donating today, so can continue our rescue efforts and save these beautiful souls from a horrific life and brutal slaughter.

It is shocking and heart wrenching how dogs are transported and sold within the Chinese meat trade. The dogs are boiled alive, beaten to death, burned to death -- all to increase the amount of adrenaline in their body so their meat tastes better. They eat Golden Retriever’s because they believe it brings them wisdom. They eat black labs (and black dogs) because they believe it keeps evil spirits away. They eat all kinds of dogs at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival on the summer solstice because they believe it keeps them cooler during the hot summer months. The stories are terrible and endless. The International Humane Society estimates that 10 to 20 million dogs are slaughtered in China, every year - this is why we do what we do! To be a voice for the voiceless, and save as many as we can, with your help.

We hope that through our rescue efforts, we also shine a light on the dog meat trade in China and other countries and, thereby, encourage others to advocate for the end of the dog meat trade and speak up for those who have no voice.

Please consider joining as a Fundraiser and / or Adopting. If one of our incredible survivors tugs are your heartstrings, please fill out and submit an adoption application, today - we thank you for joining our important cause to save these beautiful, sweet dogs.

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