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We Can't Do This Without You.

We are thrilled you want to volunteer with us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our rescue. We can't wait to introduce you to our organization and the team that makes it all happen. Please take a few minutes to read through the website. Learn our foster and adoption processes (no quizzes...we promise), and read the stories of the dogs whose lives have been changed through China Rescue Dogs. When you're ready, please fill out our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION!

Join Our Pack!

Choose from Multiple Volunteer Opportunities Below

One-time or recurring monetary donations are always appreciated. Check out this page for more information on ways to donate.

Network & Educate

Join us in helping us get the word out about our organization on social media, your work, church, school . . . anywhere you connect and meet up with people. Share our posts on social media. When friends and family are looking to add a pet to their family, send them to us.

Host an Event or Fundraiser

Consider hosting a bake sale, organize a raffle . . . the options are endless. Contact us so we can help you get the resources you need to create an amazing event.

Adopt or Sponsor a Dog

Please consider adopting or sponsoring one of our deserving survivors, instead of adopting through a breeder or pet store. Every dog deserve a safe, loving home. We are passionate about what we do, because although animals in the U.S. have laws to protect them, sadly those in other countries, including China do not.

Join Our Pack!